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    " ...Within 15 weeks I lost 26 lbs..."

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Leptoprin Review

Leptoprin Review

From our research, Leptoprin is among the most expensive diet supplements at $153 for a 30 day supply.  

Leptoprin touts its weight loss supplement as " Weight Control Compound for the Significantly Overweight" . Leptoprin™ has in large been made popular via slick and massive advertising campaign on TV and in print with incredible sounding optimistic claims.   In its marketing the manufacturers went so fat to claim that Leptoprin-SF™ is " much too powerful for the casual dieter" and that it is the first weight control compound designed to mitigate the profound effect that variations in the human genetic code have on the storage, use, & disposition of body fat.   This weight loss  product sounds almost unbelievable.   Clearly, where there are signs of claims that are seemingly too good to be true a red flag should be raised.  

Our editors and experts' research revealed that the FTC reported in its press release that " Ads for Various Diet Supplements and Topical Gels Don’t Cut the Fat, Says the FTC. Companies Do Not Have Adequate Substantiation to Support the Claims" .   And the U.S. Federal Trade Commission charged (actual excerpt):


" false claims that clinical testing proves that Leptoprin causes weight loss of more than 20 pounds significantly overweight users and that clinical testing proves that Leptoprin causes loss of substantial, excess fat in significantly overweight users..."

Read FTC statement here!

Here, there  are clear issues powerful FTC concerns.   Thus,  we urge consumers to take caution and review other diet aides with less troublesome track records.   Finaly, the last important question in our research was how effective was the newer Leptoprin-SF™ vs. the original Ephedrine based diet supplement?   Does it deliver the same thermogenic and appetite supressing abilities as the original diet pill? How well does it work? Is Leptoprin-SF™ the right product for most consumers?   Read below actual dieters feedback on Leptorin

Leptoprin Consumer Reviews:

I was a desperate dieter, so when I saw their promises of substantial weight loss, I paid their $153 a bottle?  With the hopes I could lose more then 20 pounds fast.   Later I learned that they market the same exact thing under multiple brands for half the price.   I felt like I got ripped off.   I HOPE YOU READ THIS.   DON'T GET RIPPED OFF TOO!   LS - USA
Over $300 later, and 2 full months later.   I was very upset since I paid $153 for what was promoted as weight loss for the significantly overweight. Then a neighbor who lost 36 lbs right on my block recommend Hoodia.   I started on the Hoodia diet pill 2 months ago and have lost 11lbs so far!    I even got a 6 month supply for the same 2 month cost I paid with Leptopirn. Matt S, USA

Its expensive and no better than most of the other diets I've tried.   Don't get taken by slick marketing claims that work your hard earned money into someone else's pockets.        G, USA

I lost 2 lbs but it's really too small of an amount to say Leptoprin did much.   Mel, USA           

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Diet Reviews by Experts

Our comprehensive diet products reviews and experience has shown that weight loss results can be best achieved with effectious ingredients in large enough quantities to make a difference.

Combined multi prong weight loss programs achieve improved sustained weight loss. Weight loss performance was greatly enhanced when dieting was combined with the use of effective weight loss aides.

Our top selection for best overall weight loss aide goes to Phenternin a Superior Hoodia diet aide. This weight loss product demonstrates best of class effective powerful appetite suppression combined with a hefty and potent 750mg of South African Hoodia gordonii for the potential for fast weight loss results at a reasonable cost.      See the full diet product review here.

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